Final details finalized in Florida for Popular Exercise Meteor 2024

Florida, May 10 – With the objective of strengthening the territory’s capabilities to face natural, technological and sanitary disaster hazards, on May 18 and 19, a nationwide People’s Exercise Meteoro 2024, a preparedness program that traditionally takes place on the eve of the start of each new hurricane season, is scheduled to be held throughout the country.

Under the nation’s current economic conditions, it will be very difficult to deploy resources and equipment for large-scale preparedness activities, but even so, the practical nature of this exercise should be maximized as much as possible to increase the people’s knowledge and capacity to act in the face of different types of disaster situations.

It may not be possible to dredge kilometers of canals, but in each community and work center, with the help of the people and the workers, it is possible to unblock and clean up ditches and sewers to avoid water accumulations that could lead to flooding and also the proliferation of possible mosquito breeding sites before the arrival of the current rainy season.

Similarly, practical exercises should be promoted in neighborhoods, schools, factories and health care centers so that every worker, student and citizen, in addition to knowing what to do in the face of disaster hazards, is able to do so in the most timely and correct manner in order to protect human life and the economy’s assets.

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