Guillermo Sardiñas Menéndez, the Father in the olive green cassock

Guillermo Sardiñas Menéndez, el Padre de la sotana verde olivo

May, 2024 – Guillermo Isaías Sardiñas Menéndez, was one of the young Cubans who, moved by the events of the assault to the Moncada Barracks, joined the 26th of July Movement, from that organization he gave his disinterested support to the Cuban Revolution and became known as Father Sardiñas or the commander of the olive green cassock.

Born on May 6, 1917, he came from a very humble family, he was modest and simple, he shared with everyone and participated in any activity such as playing dominoes, riding horses, he liked music and movies, he made stories, he played baseball with children and adults in the village novena, he visited the peasants, he did baptism work without charging anything and he even organized parties to entertain the young people.

He was always in favor of the Agrarian Reform, he considered that the peasants had every right to work a little piece of land and supported all the measures taken by the Revolution to favor the people, for which he was despised by his ecclesiastical colleagues who even asked to be expelled from the priesthood.

The priest in the olive green cassock cried when he heard the news of the triumph of January 1st, 1959, his disinterested support to the Revolution, as he himself stated, was not only spiritual but also because he felt part of the people, and wished their liberation, that is why he affirmed: «Cuba is free! (…) The war is over; we fulfill our duty as clergyman and Cuban».

Guillermo Isaías Sardiñas Menéndez, received the title of commander in recognition of his hierarchy and his merits, while he was in the mountains with the Rebel Army he taught to read and write to the peasants of the surrounding areas and to the guerrillas themselves.

After the triumph of January 1st, 1959 he was one of those who supported the expulsion of priests who participated in counterrevolutionary activities and tried to use religion against the revolutionary process that was taking place in the country, and until the last days of his life he wore an olive green cassock designed for him by Camilo Cienfuegos and on it the ranks of commander.

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