The sugar harvest in Florida, a tense and complex process

Apr, 2024.- In the current situation in Cuba, the sugar harvest constitutes one of the most tense and complex processes for an economy, besieged by the laws of the imperialist blockade and dependent on the purchase of basic resources outside the country’s borders.

The workers in the sector, their families and the rest of those linked to this industry know the doses of sacrifices that come with the cutting and grinding stage of the cane, as well as the volumes of parts and accessories, fuels and lubricants, tires, batteries. and other assurances necessary to execute a successful harvest.

The current campaign does not escape this reality: after a period of repair of the means, with what was possible, both the combined machines and the rest of the support equipment for cutting and pulling the grass arrived at the fields with the willingness to harvest all the raw materials possible to manufacture sugar.

The tensions due to the repeated lack of fuel, the factory interruptions at the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes plant, the intermittency of the trucks of the transportation and mechanization services base business unit (TRANSMEC) and the impact of the fires, keep the wall to several cooperatives and other contributors, whose canes planned to be harvested in the current stage, are still standing, under the threat of the imminent rainy period.

Shame on the agro-sugar growers, Floridians and the country are hurt and worried by the current result of the harvest, when the importance of crude oil, or refining, is known for the regulated family basket and as a fundamental raw material for priority lines of other industries, including food and pharmaceuticals.

However, managers and workers in the sector do not give up; They continue at the foot of the canyon: in the field and next to the irons of the sugar mill, taking advantage of every liter of oil and every ton of cut cane to demonstrate their sense of belonging and the will to safeguard an essential culture, a process and a commitment for the security and sovereignty of the Cuban nation.

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