Playa Girón Days: the counterattack

Florida, April 18, 1961, the day after the aggression for Playa Giron, April 18, 1961, the counterattack begins, with the massive use of artillery acquired in the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia; with great courage the combined forces of the Rebel Army, the National Revolutionary Police and the Militias intensify their advance on the positions occupied by the mercenary brigade that in vain tries to dominate part of the territory on the south coast of the province of Matanzas.

The battered groups of the Brigade that control the two access roads to Playa Giron are forced to retreat to San Blas; in Playa Larga the assaulting troops, due to their difficult situation because of the lack of ammo, decide to leave their positions and retreat to join the other mercenaries, and the Cuban army takes control of that area.

That same day in the afternoon, at the height of Punta Perdiz, Battalion 123 of the National Revolutionary Militias that was moving by bus with the objective of taking Playa Giron, was attacked with rockets, machine guns and napalm bombs by a squadron of B-26 that caused heavy casualties.

While the invaders were retreating and already showing signs of near defeat, the participation of the United States in the attack was confirmed when a US military plane was shot down while bombing the civilian population and infantry in the area of central Australia, a few miles from Playa Giron.

As the same thing was happening on Cuban territory, Cuban diplomacy waged a transcendental combat in the Political and Security Commission of the United Nations, where Raúl Roa, the Chancellor of Dignity, denounced the aggressions of the United States against Cuba.

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