Florida celebrates 62nd anniversary of education for youth and adults

Florida, February 29.- Promoting the new training and improvement program aimed at girls and boys disconnected from study and work, or in vulnerable situations, stands out as the main challenge of education for young people and adults in Florida, a teaching subsystem that It recently celebrated the 62nd anniversary of its creation in the country.

With a special morning session held at Camilo Cienfuegos worker-peasant faculty, a day of activities began to remember the emergence, on February 24, 1962, of this educational level with an essential objective focused on the improvement of all people who wish to raise their cultural preparation, taking into account their needs, motivations and interests.

The program for the celebration includes the recognition of outstanding teachers, reinstated teachers and students with high results in their studies, in the same way the work carried out by mass organizations and organizations was recognized in order to continue the improvement and professional training of young people and Adults

Adult Education was born from the literacy process and the actions that were subsequently developed to extend educational coverage to the entire underschooled youth and adult population, as part of the inclusive policy of the Cuban State.

The historical development of the Education of Youth and adults in Cuba has been characterized by continuous improvement derived from the dynamics of the revolutionary process, economic and scientific advances, and advances in Pedagogical Sciences.

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