Florida’s agricultural executives called upon to increase control and enforcement (+Post)

Convocados directivos agrícolas de Florida a incrementar la exigencia y contro

Florida, Feb. 17 – «Today more than ever it is essential to increase the demands in the integral performance of the agricultural sector and the fulfillment of the productive plans linked to the feeding of the people».

This was emphasized by the Mayor of the municipality of Florida, Ormandy Rodríguez Sánchez, during a dialogue with managers and representatives of cooperatives and other traditional agriculture and sugar entities, where specific issues for the economic development of the territory in the current stage and for the future were evaluated.

The preparation for the exercise of control of the use of land and livestock, the progress of the process of affidavit and payment of the personal income tax in the agrarian sphere, results of the agricultural contracting and the delivery of what was agreed for the month of January, together with the battle against crime, made up the main agenda of the meeting held this Thursday.

According to what transpired at the meeting, as from March 1st, the schedule for the review and regulation of the legality of the tenure and exploitation of agricultural land and major livestock will be launched to correct distortions and violations of what has been established, which will reach all cooperatives, farms and state units of the 11 Popular Councils of Florida.

The debate also focused on the non-compliance of the plans for the delivery of milk and meat to the industry, the deficit of new contracting figures for the tribute of both items and of several crops, as well as on the importance of increasing veterinary care, the fight against crime and the solution of the financial debts of the Collection Unit with some producers.

«We have a moral commitment in the completion of the cold planting campaign, the control of food commercialization and the impulse of the tasks that impact the economy of the municipality and the quality of life of the people», summarized the Floridan Intendant in reference to the work that must be led, among others, by the presidents and members of the administration boards at the base, political organizations of the peasant sector and other structures of Agriculture and Azcuba.

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