Attention is drawn in Florida to the increase in criminal acts

Florida, Jan 31.- “Phenomena such as corruption, crime and social indiscipline cannot be justified by current needs; they constitute a dangerous political-social problem that requires prevention, direct and systematic confrontation, greater unity of factors, in addition to legal and popular condemnation to eradicate them.”

This was demonstrated by the debate on the annual balance report on these issues held in Florida, where it is noted that during the past year the municipality reported a total of 1,993 criminal acts, which represents an increase of almost 13 percent in cases compared to the previous year. Previous period.

The report presented by the Florida authorities reflects that the highest incidence of crime was concentrated in theft and robbery in state institutions and in the community, along with attacks against livestock, and that, among the most popular councils Affected by such events were Agramonte, Argentina, Centro Urbano, Las Parras, Conquista and La Vallita.

With respect to the persistent causes and conditions for the vitality of the phenomenon, the Annual Review Plenary on confronting crime in the territory highlighted, in general, the lack of demand and administrative strategy regarding the task, the lack of control over resources and own resources, and the deficient application of surveillance, protection and internal control measures.

Added to the failures of the fight against the criminal situation in the territory are, in the same way, the excess of paternalism in the analysis of the issue, the disorganization of collective surveillance, little popular complaint and low participation of the imposing bodies in the regulation of illicit economic and marketing activities, among others.

In summarizing the meeting, Liliana Boudet Nápoles, first secretary of the Party in Florida, called for thinking and acting differently to strengthen the fight against the manifestations of crime, corruption and social indiscipline, and demanded to do so with greater unity, attached to the guidelines and work guidelines drawn up by the highest political and government leadership in the country at the current stage.

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