These times demand maximum attention to vulnerable groups in Florida

Florida, Jan 11.- The current economic situation of the country, the limitations on access to essential resources and the commitment to sustain a society focused on human well-being demand that, from now on, maximum attention be paid to the groups, families and most vulnerable people in the municipality of Florida.

This area includes, above all, older adults with minimum income for daily sustenance, chronically ill people and the elderly without family support or in a situation of disability, who require monitoring, concern and institutional, community and state protection in order to offer them means and tools to maintain the highest possible quality of life.

This task corresponds, above all, to social workers with the official support structure they represent, but it must unite, with greater breadth and prominence, the rest of the actors in the neighborhood and the municipality in reducing the gaps that prevent people from social disadvantage enjoy a dignified and sustainable existence.

Social work in vulnerable communities. Photo: Rebel Youth
Social work in vulnerable communities. Photo: Rebel Youth
Increasing the collective exchange of delegates with their voters, promoting solidarity actions between neighbors, launching the structures of social organizations in the neighborhoods and multiplying government oversight in compliance with social assistance and protection policies are key in the present year.

When we talk about a municipality and a country that intends to advance and strengthen the socialist project «with everyone and for the good of all», as José Martí dreamed of, that conviction implies knowing how it survives, what it eats, where it sleeps, what it thinks. , what does or who takes care of each of the 69 thousand inhabitants of the Florida region in times of unity and collective salvation.

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