Florida jurists provide training to female leaders on gender violence

Florida, Dec. 27.- Judges of the popular municipal court of Florida began a training process for the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) of the municipality with the purpose of raising awareness among the population regarding gender violence.

According to Liset Pérez Sánchez, judge of this institution, the preparation activity is in connection with the approval of a new Penal Code in Cuba, which mentions gender-based violence and does not include the figure of femicide.

The jurist also added that in this effort it is planned to reach the communities, neighborhoods and work centers of the territory to inform regarding the incorporation of these new sanctions to confront discrimination in all its manifestations, gender and domestic violence against minors or people living in situations of disabilities.

Gender violence in Cuba is a priority issue for the State and although its greatest impact today is against women, this phenomenon is also seen in men, who in very few cases live in such circumstances.

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