Fourth National Read the History Day began in Florida

Florida, December 15.- The presentation of the text Vilma Espín Guillois, the fire of freedom, by the researcher and museologist Margarita Fernández Cervantes at the Textile Confections factory, began in Florida the Fourth National Day of Reading History, an event sponsored by the Union of Historians of Cuba, and the Provincial Center of Books and Literature.

The day will last until December 16 and aims to motivate interest in History and its knowledge through dissemination, the promotion of reading and books on this topic, as well as the processes, facts and personalities that make up events. that precedes us and moments experienced recently.

Medical assistance in the liberating army, by Calixto Castillo; The empire of surveillance, by Ignacio Ramonet; The gallant juice, by Félix Julio Alfonso López; and Being Cuban, identity, nationality and culture, by Louis Pérez are the works that Floridian researchers will present during the days of the event.

María Antonia Fonte Alzugaray, president of the Union of Historians in Florida, who will speak on the book Fidel Castro Ruz, Anecdotario, by Salomón Susi Safari, reported that the fourth edition of the Reading History Day will take place this time at the cultural center Negro Bembón literary, and educational institutions, with free access for the public to each of the programmed actions.

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