Félix Agüero Román Creation and Interpretation Festival concluded in Florida (+ Photo)

Florida, December 14.- The XXV edition of the Félix Agüero Román Musical Creator Festival concluded with a great awards gala held at the Aurora cinema theater, full of emotions and feelings.

Among the awards that were awarded is that of popularity, one of the most important of the night where the public is in charge of choosing their favorite, in this edition it was won by the young Robert Luis Cervantes Benítez with the song Eres mi Luna, by Elena Obregón Navarro.

The grand prize of the night went to the work No voy a claudicar, by the poet and composer Manuel de Jesús Almeida Bada, a musical composition that also won the category of best lyrics and orchestration, and whose performer, William Emilio Agüero López, was deserving of the award for most outstanding male performance.

The creation and interpretation festival pays tribute to Félix Agüero Román, a prestigious musician who directed the Florida Municipal Concert Band for years, and is held within the framework of Culture Week to reward the talent of creators and performers, who, Every year, they enrich the sound heritage of this Camagüey territory and a little beyond. (Yamicela Nuñez Armas/Journalism Student)

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