Félix Agüero Román Creation and Interpretation Festival concluded in Florida (+ Photo and post)

Florida, December 14.- The 42nd anniversary of the creation of the Municipal Museum was celebrated at the headquarters of this cultural institution with an artistic gala attended by workers and their families, regular clients of this heritage center and the highest authorities of the Government and the Communist Party in Florida.

Upon reading the central words, Maichely Machado Vázquez, current director of the institution, summarized the performance of the Museum in the current year, noting the main actions and their results, highlighting the number of visitors, the activities carried out in other entities, neighborhoods in transformation, popular councils and schools in the territory, and the realization every Saturday of the José Martí Park sociocultural project, Mirror of Our Identity.

In the celebration for the 42nd anniversary of the Museum, the retired literacy teacher and teacher, Olga Caro Zayas Bazán, was praised for the frequent donations that enrich the institution’s funds, especially pieces linked to the historic Literacy Campaign; and the Municipal Party School in Florida and the center’s most prominent collaborators were also recognized.

The occasion was propitious for Bety Marrero Reguera, director of Culture in Florida, to recognize the meritorious, systematic and exemplary work of museologists and researchers Margarita Fernández Cervantes and María Antonia Fonte Alzugaray, with vast experience in the defense and promotion of Local Historical Heritage .

The artistic cast of the night, applauded on more than one occasion by the public who attended the gala, was made up of the performers Isabel Cepeda and Tania González, artists from the Provincial Music Center in Camagüey, along with fans and instructors from the Luis Casas Romero Culture House, all directed by the notable teacher Arnaldo Alfonso Rosales.

The Municipal Museum of Florida was inaugurated on December 12, 1981, and currently has eight exhibition rooms benefited from a new museographic reinstallation since 2018.

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