New competitive opportunities for Floridian tennis player

Florida, December 11.- Floridian tennis player Adrián Pérez Niebla will have a new opportunity to show his skills against international rivals at the Cerro Pelado Games, an event scheduled to take place at the headquarters of the national team of this sport in Havana, from the 12th to the 14th. of the current month of December.

According to what the president of the Cuban Table Tennis Federation told Jit, the presence of the main figures of the national team is expected in this tournament, and the participation of players from Venezuela, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic is also expected.

For the young tennis player from Florida, it will be another valuable opportunity to compete in his current athletic training process, and perhaps an opportune moment to clear up any doubts that may exist about his talent and sporting potential, after his participation in the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile. , where he could not contribute enough to the Cuban team.

In 2023, Floridian Adrián Pérez Niebla participated in the ALBA Games, the Pan American Table Tennis Championship, in Havana and in the Central American Games in San Salvador, where he did manage to win a Silver medal in the team modality, as the youngest member of the Cuban team.

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