Tribute in Florida to combatants who fell in the fulfillment of internationalist missions (+Post)

Florida, December 8.- Hundreds of pioneers and adolescents from the municipality of Florida participated, this December 7, in the tribute to the combatants who fell in the fulfillment of internationalist missions, as part of the reissue of Operation Tribute on its 34th anniversary.

Under the commitment to be faithful to the example of the heroes, the new generations of the territory respectfully greeted the passage of the caravan that took the veterans of different libertarian epics and the relatives of those killed in military and civil actions to the Florida Necropolis. on the African continent.

Likewise, the young people were in the front row during the tribute ceremony to Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo Grajales and his assistant Francisco Gómez Toro, as this day of tribute marked the 127th anniversary of his fall in combat for the Cuban independence.

Five floral offerings in the name of the Party, the Government, the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the family members and the entire town were placed in front of the Pantheon of Those Fallen for Defense in the local cemetery, as a preamble to the act carried out to honor the memory. of the internationalist martyrs of the sacred homeland.

The reissue of Operation Tribute in the municipality of Florida was also a propitious moment to deliver the Communist Party membership card to several outstanding workers in different sectors of social life, as well as the 30th Anniversary Seal of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution to distinguished members of that patriotic organization.

After the exchange with the families of the combatants, which took place early this Thursday, the highest political and Government authorities, together with the leaders and representatives of social and mass organizations in the territory, accompanied each of the activities carried out as part of Operation Tribute.

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