Agriculture in Florida with great challenges for next year

Florida, Nov 25.- Florida Agriculture is obliged to untie its knots of inefficiency, impose control and organize work at the base in search of fulfilling the productive commitments of the present, ensuring future projects and guaranteeing the agri-food demand of the territory.

To achieve this objective, it is necessary to immediately stop the non-compliance with the milk contract by an alarming number of farmers in the municipality, cut the deviation of daily milking and arrange the collection of the largest possible volume of that line for the coming year.

In accordance with what was said here in the presence of the highest leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the province of Camagüey, Florida farmers also have the obligation to cover the more than 1,600 beds on the farm with vegetables. urban, of which almost a third remain unproductive.

The task for the Municipal Delegation of Agriculture at the current stage includes redoubling the demand to complete the 45 livestock modules planned in the units of the sector and the sugar system, a task started more than a decade ago with ridiculous results in this municipality.

As part of the promise, the governing body of agricultural management in the territory must also focus on the control of the land and the battle against crime and illegalities within its scope; guarantee the safe supply of food, fruits and vegetables to educational and health centers and enforce the agreements and guidelines of the Government and the Communist Party of Cuba in the current economic situation of the municipality and the country.

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