Brigade of Arts Instructors in Florida plans their work for 2024 (+Post)

Florida, Nov 23.- Recovering spaces through the different projects and transforming their management in the community, are among the work projections for the coming 2024 of the José Martí Brigade of Art instructors in Florida, which held its municipal Council, based in the assembly hall of the Sabino Pupo Milián Agricultural Polytechnic Institute.

With a total of 45 members, the Brigade of instructors in the municipality faces the challenges of assuming Artistic Education in all educational institutions in the territory and promoting a dialogue that responds to the cultural policy of the country after demonstrating in the last twelve months how much can and remains to be done.

Arturo Nazco Labrada, president of the José Martí Brigade, read a critical report summarizing the results obtained, but also the weaknesses that surround the brigade, among them the instability of the brigade members in the methodological preparations and technical groups taught in the House of Culture, the exodus of instructors from the different demonstrations in schools, the lack of organization for the development and proper functioning of the brigade’s main events and material resources for the performance and better results of artistic creation.

Among the achievements listed were the awards obtained in national, provincial and municipal events, the development of activities in communities in transformation, the appreciation workshops, the exchange with the Union of Communist Youth (UJC), the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC). ), mass organizations, the activation of the muralist network and the 50th anniversary Cultural Guerrilla.

At the event attended by Adrian García Rodríguez, deputy director general of Education and Alian Escalante Vargas, deputy director of Culture in Florida, several brigade members were recognized for their outstanding work, sense of belonging and work in events and activities with the Artists Movement fans.

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