The lives of Floridians depend on food sovereignty

Florida, Nov 20.- The new law on Food and Nutrition Sovereignty and Security, also known as the SAM Law, presupposes access for 100 percent of Cubans to a stable, healthy and varied diet that guarantees the demands of proteins, fats and carbohydrates necessary to maintain an active and healthy life.

However, right now there are diverse and complex phenomena that conspire against the aforementioned purpose, when the low availability of numerous agricultural items necessary for the important nutritional balance and the excessive and even unattainable price of many of them involved in resale are realities. and speculation.

In all honesty, there are many families who are limited or prevented from accessing, on a regular basis, the purchase and consumption of fresh vegetables if it is known that two good tomatoes can cost around 500 pesos and a medium cucumber around 70, while a small bundle of beans or some lettuce leaves range between 50 and 80 pesos.

Without a doubt, an attack on the table and diet of lower-income working people; a luxury for higher-ranking salaries and an alternative designed almost only for the richest who are not always included among the most industrious in the social fabric.

But I return to the central theme, almost convinced that only with the accelerated increase in agricultural production in all forms of agricultural management will it be possible to once again democratize daily access to vegetables, greens and legumes in each home, without having to pay for it. more than half of an average salary.

Until that moment arrives, urban, suburban and family agriculture becomes the best popular ally, taking advantage of every piece of land in patios and barren lots for the planting and harvesting of short-cycle foods with the aim of recovering the salad empire. and its vitamins on the plates of children, the sick and the elderly who demand them so much.

Without a doubt, the battle belongs to everyone and it is also up to the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and the Federation of Cuban Women, the delegates of the neighborhood and the surviving structures of the Urban Farm to lead this people’s movement in defense of nutritional health with the use of patios and plots for growing food in each place.

No pumpkin, no tomato, no condiment and no lettuce or chard will taste better than those planted with our own hands, not to mention the financial savings, I say this with vast experience.

Don’t waste time then, and decide today to plant your little piece of land, no matter the size, in just a few weeks you will tell me about the results.

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