Local Agrometeorological Station equipped with technology to measure weather variables

Estación Agrometeorológica de Florida

Florida, Nov 17.- The Florida Agrometeorological station was equipped with technology to automate and increase the precision of measurements of wind, temperatures, radiation and rainfall in the municipality, which also contributes to strengthening the surveillance system and early warning of possible disaster situations.

As detailed by Mr. Ibrianny Arredondo Arencivia, a specialist at the Camagüey Meteorological Center, it involves the installation of modern sensors that are complemented by the measuring instruments of the Florida unit and in real time they provide data on climate variables at the request of every 10 minutes. provincial and national of the Institute of Meteorology of Cuba.

On this occasion, said technology was also installed in Florida at the station in the municipalities of Esmeralda, Camagüey and Nuevitas, thanks to the implementation in the province of the EUROCLIMA project, financed by the European Union and the United Nations Program for the development.

This modern equipment will improve the precision and shorten the time of measurements of wind, temperatures and rainfall, and will also contribute to strengthening the municipality’s surveillance and early warning system in order to act preventively to reduce disaster risks due to impact of natural phenomena.

Due to its geographical position, Cuba is located at a latitude very close to the Tropic of Cancer, which conditions the reception of high values of solar radiation throughout the year, determining the warm nature of its climate. Furthermore, it is located on the border between the tropical and extratropical circulation zones, receiving the influence of both on a seasonal basis.

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