Floridian educators pay tribute to Fidel seven years after his death

Florida, Nov 13.- As the steep moral stature of Fidel Castro Ruz took flight this weekend, the kites made by primary school students Rolando Valdivia Fernández, with the purpose of paying a tribute of remembrance to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution on the seventh anniversary of his physical disappearance.

With this festival, an initiative of the José Martí Pioneer Organization, a program of activities in tribute to Fidel began at that school center of the Rolando Valdivia popular council that includes special morning sessions, discussions about the work and revolutionary thought of the Commander, book presentations , talks and exhibition of audiovisual products.

The carrying out of voluntary work with the participation of workers and teachers, in close ties with the community and families of the students, sports competitions and knowledge meetings are included in the extensive program of activities that will last until November 24.

Seven years after the physical death of the historical leader of the Revolution, the territory’s educational institutions are putting into practice several proposals for a heartfelt tribute to remember that man who on November 25, 2016 began the infinite journey to immortality.

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