Memorial tribute to Tania la Guerrillera at a Florida school.

Florida, Nov. 6.- With the holding of special morning sessions, the memorial tribute to Tania the Guerrilla begins this week until November 17 at the primary educational institution in Florida that bears her name.

The program that honors the outstanding combatant on the 86th anniversary of her birth, which occurred on November 19, 1937, also includes an exchange with combatants of the Cuban Revolution, competitions and composition of drawings, knowledge meetings and exhibitions of books and photos of Tamara Bunke, who was a member of Che’s guerrilla in Bolivia, murdered on August 31, 1967.

The study of the life and work of Tania the Guerrilla in all the pioneer detachments is among the outstanding actions to be carried out in these days of November, along with sports and cultural activities that bear the seal of the José Martí Pioneer Organization and the imprint of school workers.

Admiration for Tania the Guerrilla grows among the new generations due to the moral stature of the combatant, her personal example and the principles of exemplary, supportive and revolutionary ethics and conduct that she showed throughout her life.

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