Today marks 54 years since the restart of Radio Florida broadcasts

Florida, Nov. 2.- November 2 arrives and joy invades hearts among the men and women who, in front of microphones, playback machines, computers and other equipment, give life to the programming of the municipal radio station Radio Florida.

Time has passed since, on a similar date in 1969, in the midst of preparations to start the ’70 Zafra, an enthusiastic group of radio broadcasters and propaganda creators combined knowledge and efforts, innovated and managed, inside and outside the territory. municipal, to build a transmitter, obtain a recorder and record player, and build the antenna to restart the local station’s transmissions here.

The sound signal of Radio Florida once again crossed the ether, the name that the initial CMJI-Radio Trópico had adopted when in June 1961 it was intervened by the Independent Front of Free Broadcasters (FIEL) and under whose identification it transmitted until December of that year, moment when it is decided to end its programming and some of its workers are relocated to other press organizations in the country.

Little by little, the radio silence that occurred in the city was filled through an amplification system that was installed on Presidente Gómez Street and other central roads in the town, which became a kind of radio base where All kinds of information was transmitted to the population and even those who celebrated their birthday were congratulated; Today many Floridians remember Tony Amplifiers.

The restart of radio broadcasts in Florida, on November 2, 1969, marked the continuity of a tradition that was born here in 1945 with the CMJI, and was enriched by the work of men and women such as Guillermo Cordero Cordero, Raúl González Noy and Gladys Failde Braña, radio broadcasters from the previous stage of that medium, who were joined by Georgina Fernández, Juan Pousa Leiva, Idalmis Francoy Medina, Pedro Martínez Ortega, Roberto El Chino Hidalgo and Florencio Elvires, among others.

And along with them a wide movement of correspondents, among whom Cristóbal Bartelemi Soa and Néstor Basulto Roldan, Xiomara García García, Ernesto Luis Santana, Blanca Oliva García and Mario Orilles Padilla, Isabel Acosta Álvarez and Luis Ortiz Chaviano stand out, who enriched with their contributions to radio programming and some even received awards at National Radio Festivals.

Today is November 2 and Floridians celebrate the daring of the group of brave people who restarted radio broadcasts here in a station faithful to their people that in 1975 was recognized by the Cuban Radio Institute, which was a school where announcers, operators of audio equipment, directors and advisors, and which is currently advancing inserted in the new management model that implies the editorial, technological and economic transformation of the Cuban public press.

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