Florida farmers support the Cuban government’s condemnation of the Israeli genocide in Gaza

Campesinos floridanos respaldan condena del gobierno cubano al genocidio israelí en Gaza

Florida, October 25.- The municipal bureau of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) of the municipality of Florida, on behalf of the more than three thousand members of that force in the territory, ratified its support for the Cuban Government in the conviction to the genocide carried out by the Israeli army against the Palestinian people.

The top leadership of the local peasantry called the new offensive unleashed by the Israeli army against the civilian population of Gaza a crime, a disproportionate reaction that has cost the lives of thousands of innocent people, including more than two thousand children.

By establishing their position of rejection of the purpose of ethnic cleansing, conciliation of all rights and total occupation established by the Zionist extreme right with respect to Palestine, the Florida peasantry also denounced the shameful complicity of the United States government in the face of such acts. and recalled the historical performance of that empire in supporting Israel’s infamous actions in the Middle East.

In the declaration of support for the Cuban Government expressed by the Municipal Bureau of the ANAP of Florida, it is also called to never forget that on our soil there is also evidence of the suffering and terror that bombs cause on the innocent population, being Here the most painful memory is the Yankee aggression at Playa Girón and the murder of men and women from the countryside under the shrapnel of the mercenary planes rented by the White House.

According to the source of the leadership of the peasant organization in Florida, during the next few days, in the cooperatives and in other official meetings of the sector, the acts of denunciation and repudiation of the vile massacre of Palestinians perpetrated by Israel with the support of the white house.

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