Anniversary of the First Farmers in Arms Congress motivates actions by Floridian farmers

Aniversario del Primer Congreso Campesino en Armas motiva accionar de agropecuarios floridanos

Florida, September 19.- The welcome to the 65th anniversary of the First Peasant Congress in Arms finds the farmers of the Florida municipality involved in a new process of exchange with the structures of the Party, the Government and Agriculture in search of increasing productive levels and of food collection in the territory.

The dialogue with the farmers of the 29 units of the sector aims to listen to the concerns and challenges of the farmers, but at the same time it insists on stirring consciences, making indiscipline visible and organizing fundamental tasks such as the operation of cooperatives, the delivery of milk and meat, the planting various crops, control of the land and marketing destinations.

It is worth highlighting in the current situation the historical memory when it is known that, during the celebration of the First Peasant Congress in the Sierra Maestra, on September 21, 1958, in the midst of the fight for national independence, the main demand of the peasants was the right to land, a request made a reality four months after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution with Fidel at the helm.

Consequently, the Floridian farmers’ motto of producing food for the people must find greater support today as the best tribute to the protagonists of that meeting and to those who raised their voices or died in defense of the agrarians, and to ensure that it continues. I live the socialism that protects them.

However, the announcement by local farmers to add here, as part of the activities for the 65th anniversary of the First Peasants in Arms Congress, the delivery of several food modules to institutions of the Florida Public Health System, including the Municipal hospital, the Leopoldo Rey Sampayo pediatric hospital and the Amparo Carriera Montes maternity home.

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