Florida Municipal Museum exhibit pays tribute to women

Florida, Aug 23.- On the eve of the 63rd anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), the exhibition of the month was opened at the Florida Municipal Museum with the exhibition of a painting with the image of Vilma Espín, eternal president of the Cuban women’s organization, seen for the first time in Florida at the heroine’s funeral.

On this occasion, some of the 19 serigraphs dedicated to Celia Sánchez are also exhibited, made by artists and artisans who, with their creative conception, joined the patient and careful workshop work to exalt the heroine, another of the great women of national history. .

During these days, the specialists from the Municipal Museum have offered talks in different areas of the territory to highlight the leading role of the federated members within their organization, the role played by Vilma since the foundation of the FMC and all the enormous efforts for the sake of the full and total emancipation of women, inclusion, equality and the rights of women in society.

The Florida federated women who have left indelible marks in Florida are also discussed in the activities of the Municipal Museum in connection with the 63 years of the organization, an opportunity to stimulate, in addition, the young women incorporated into the organization as a continuity of those who already enjoy of an exemplary career.

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