Sovereignty and Food and Nutrition Security, an urgent task from the municipality of Florida

Florida, Aug 15.- The plans, projects and Programs of Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Security proposed to be achieved in each municipality and communities of the country have to leave the offices, reports and assemblies to materialize in the furrow, in the dairy farms, in the patios and plots where there is really the possibility of producing the amounts of food that people demand.

In Florida, for example, such a call is possible when we know of the existence of thousands of hectares of fertile land in conditions to receive arms and wills with the aim of enlisting them and planting the necessary seeds to obtain grains that substitute imports and stabilize the diet. of the common Cuban; short-term and long-term food; vegetables and greens that provide vitamins and nutrients, and Cuban fruits, essential, but too expensive at this time for the preparation of juices and soft drinks in the summer season.

To speak of success in the progress schedules towards Food Sovereignty in Florida, it is necessary, first, to achieve a greater order in agriculture: strengthen control and the link with producers, make the delivery of idle land as transparent as possible, eliminate bureaucratic obstacles in the processes, recover technical and professional strength, banish triumphalism and put individual and collective intelligence at the service of agricultural growth, without disregarding the use of agroecology and science to increase production.

I am not lying if I say that Food Security and Sovereignty demand here to take advantage, efficiently, of the few resources that arrive to promote it, with a pressing look, tax investigation, timely substitution and timely and public condemnation of those who use them in wrong way, they divert their destinies and profit from them in a shameless way and not infrequently in front of the passive view of the workers and the authorities in charge of putting a stop to them.

The guarantee of food items for the table of the Floridian family needs to reinforce the popular planting movement, based on motivation, training and even emulation between the communities.

This objective calls for preparing the land and planting at the right time, studying and enriching the soil, promoting the obtaining and reserve of quality seeds, improving contracting, wresting marketing out of the hands of intermediaries and leading it in the direction of legality, and put a stop to abusive and speculative prices that have a negative impact on the nutritional balance of working people.

Promote fish farming where possible; forge serious and mutually beneficial agro-industrial linkages; Paying attention to genetic improvement and the birth rate in livestock and putting a stop to the lack of respect that the theft and slaughter of large cattle have become are part of the foundation on which the guarantee of more food in this region must be built.

We could say many other truths in this rosary of threats, weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities in Florida on the road to implementing Law 148 on Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Security, but we will trust, once again, in the capacity for action and leadership of the Government and all the actors with the supreme duty of walking in the vanguard and dragging the other institutions and the people themselves in this urgent task of the municipality and the country.

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