Defend the elderly, a duty of all

Florida, Aug 15.- One of the population segments that deserves the greatest respect in the current socioeconomic situation of the municipality, and of the country, is that of the elderly, taking into account their multiple physical, material or protection vulnerabilities on the part of the families and the community.

Among the fundamental principles of Socialism that we defend, and to which we wish a long life from being able to perfect it without dismantling one iota of its humanist and supportive essence, we cannot miss, right now, the constant concern for the way in which our grandparents they face the deficiencies and limitations of the present, especially in those cases of elderly alone or prevented from carrying out their daily activities.

Now is the opportune moment to touch with your hand their affective, spiritual, service and even economic needs in the government effort to know levels of satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency of the measures and benefits approved for them and compliance with their duties by the persons, organisms and institutions designated for the care of this social group.

It can be understood, for example, that there is low availability of cash to pay retirees somewhere, but what is incomprehensible, what is unacceptable, is that there is mistreatment there; that there are no conditions for waiting, or that the beneficiaries are not informed, in a timely manner and through all possible channels, to avoid inconvenience and high monetary expenses in transportation and other necessities.

It can also be understood that in establishments where food services are provided for the elderly, the desired menu for correct nutrition is not available, but it is inadmissible that their food rations be cut, they are charged a amount above what is established, or the products destined for the daily diet physically disappear while the brand new record of their consumption appears in a notebook.

They are examples that could be more or less real. Let the beneficiaries of those rights provided by the Cuban State speak for those who today have gray hair, and deserve the maximum respect, consideration and gratitude possible from the new ones.

Most of those old men and women who walk around were the ones who built this country of equality, resistance and dignity for the human being that we inherited from the Centennial Generation and the rest of the protagonists of the battles and victories of the Revolution in the last 60 years.

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