Floridians commemorated the 70th anniversary of the events of July 26 (+Posts)

Floridanos conmemoraron aniversario 70 de los sucesos del 26 de Julio. Foto: Yunier Soler Castellanos

Florida, Jul 24.- The Florida municipal act for the 70th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks took place on the premises of the Luis Casas Romero House of Culture, in the Centro Urbano popular council, to pay tribute to the historic epic and to the Centennial Generation headed by Fidel Castro Ruz.

The meeting chaired by Yuneisy Ramos Vázquez, member of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party in Camagüey, was attended by dozens of representatives of the different social and economic sectors of the Floridian people with the aim of showing, once again, the support for the continuity of the Cuban revolutionary work, revived in the early morning of July 26, 1953.

During the municipal act for the Day of National Rebellion, more than twenty entities and organizations outstanding in their work and for their resolute support in the tasks of popular benefit called by the political leaderships and the local government were recognized.

Similarly, a group of new Party militants received the card that accredits them as members of this organization of the communist vanguard, while 10 personalities and professionals from Health, Science and Sports were also honored for the relevance of their daily work.

In the conclusions of the act for July 26 held in Florida, the first secretary of the Party, Liliana Boudet Nápoles, highlighted the confidence and commitment that unites us with that glorious feat, and denounced the continuity of the hostile, criminal and aggressive policy of the United States government in search of surrendering the resistance of the Cuban people.


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