Florida farmer association analyzes priority issues in the sector

Florida, Jul 4.- The plenary session of the Municipal Committee of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) took place in Florida with an agenda of prioritized issues such as the production, collection and commercialization of food at the current stage, the confrontation with livestock crime in the sector and the importance of increasing the link between the members of the peasant leadership with the associates in the agrarian base.

During the meeting, the governing body of the local country force called on its members to complete the contracting volumes of milk, meat and various crops provided for in the 2023 plans, with an eye on the needs of the people and thinking as a country about the battle for the economic recovery and food sovereignty of the territory.

According to the information offered by Luis Enrique Arribas Rodríguez, municipal president of the ANAP, the Plenary session made it clear that compliance with the livestock commitments also depends on the growth and protection of the herds, and consequently it is essential to redouble vigilance and the complaint against the crimes of theft and illegal slaughter of cattle on farms and cooperatives in the peasant environment.

By the way, and as part of an exchange strategy that will reach each grassroots organization in the sector, the members of the Municipal Committee of the agrarian organization supported the criteria of the recent Editorial of the Granma newspaper, where the vitality and prestige of the Ministry of Interior, guarantor of order and citizen tranquility, and the enemy defamation campaigns against the National Revolutionary Police through virtual platforms are denied, with strong figures and data.

As the meeting continued, the governing body for the political and ideological performance of the peasantry in Florida analyzed the progress of the plan of activities planned in the current stage with the purpose of greeting the 65th anniversary of the Campesino Congress in Arms, among which stand out the support for the summer recreational actions in rural communities, the donation of food to social and health institutions, and the delivery of a layette to the first baby born here on September 21.

The ordinary plenary session of the municipal committee of the ANAP in Florida was attended by representatives of the leadership of the Communist Party, the executive of the Government and local Agriculture, who, in a timely manner, demanded superior responses from the peasantry before the missions fundamentals of the present, they reiterated their confidence in this agricultural force and called on them to continue defending the Revolution with greater productions in the furrow and with guarding and fruitful milking in each dairy.

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