The preparation Seminar for the next school year Continues in Florida (+ Post)

Florida, June 15.- Liliana Boudet Nápoles, first secretary of the Communist Party in Florida, and Evelyn Márquez Álvarez, president of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, shared with directors and officials of Education who participate in the Preparation Seminar for the 2023 school year -2024 that meets at the José Martí elementary school.

Ariám García Rodríguez, deputy director of Education, explained to the directors the particularities of the seminar aimed at promoting the implementation of projects that, based on science and innovation, respond to the continuous improvement of the education system at its different levels.

The quality of the educational teaching process has to be superior, that is the premise of the meeting where the strategies for the next school period are specified and topics of pedagogical interest are analyzed such as preventive work in schools, the conception of political-ideological work , digital transformation and job training from the beginning study-work.

The Preparation Seminar for the next school year will continue in schools during the month of July, with the participation of all teachers, an opportunity to discuss how to improve education at different levels of education, based on the scientific development required by the formation of the new generations.

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