Floridian students awarded in the National Grow Up Healthy Contest

Florida, June 13.- Four Florida students won prizes in the first Crecer saludables Visual Arts Children’s Virtual Contest, convened by the National Child Care Commission of the Ministry of Public Health, with the support of UNICEF.The third prize in the drawing category was won by Valerine Fumero León, a first grade student at the Camilo Cienfuegos school; in Literature she was honored with second place, Marianna Fleites Salomón, from José Martí.For their part, Ricardo Fundora Aguilar and Cristian Solís Flores, from the Félix Varela Morales School and the José Luis Tassende de las Muñecas School, respectively, shared the third prize for Literature in the contest, whose main objective is to raise awareness among families and communities about the importance of adopting adequate care to guarantee the comprehensive health of children and adolescents.Hygiene and self-care, physical activity, accident prevention and healthy eating habits were the themes selected by the Florida students for the development of the works they sent to the contest.

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