Florida librarians are Awarded at the XIII Provincial Library Science Meeting (+Post)

Premiadas bibliotecarias floridanas en el XIII Encuentro Científico Bibliotecológico provincial

Florida, June 8.- The Florida librarians Alexis Almanza González and Odalys Madrigal Pérez were awarded at the XIII Librarianship Scientific Meeting held at the Julio Antonio Mella Library in Camagüey, which gives them the opportunity to participate in the national event.

Activities to promote reading, as an alternative to strengthen food sovereignty and how to release the book of the month from the actions of the school library, were the works presented by the Florida specialists at the meeting that brought together representatives of the Association Cuban Association of Librarians (ASCUBI) and information specialists from the provinces of Camagüey.

Sponsored by ASCUBI, the meeting was dedicated to highlighting the 60th anniversary of the Julio Antonio Mella Provincial Library and the papers presented addressed issues related to the habit of reading, current challenges and good practices, experiences in promoting reading in educational institutions and libraries for the preservation of local and cultural identity.

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