Active educational sector of Florida in Exercise Meteoro 2023 (+Post)

Florida, May 23.- As part of the Meteoro 2023 Exercise, the municipal department of Education in the territory and its educational institutions carried out various actions aimed at reducing vulnerabilities in the face of natural, health and technological disasters, this year with the theme ¨In anticipating there is all the art of saving¨.

The Education sector in the territory adopted organizational measures to achieve the successful development of the Meteor in view of the proximity of the cyclonic season that runs from June 1 to November 30.

The updating of the documentation that governs the actions to be carried out in the selected educational institutions for the evacuation of people in the event of a meteorological phenomenon, solid waste collection, chapping and cleaning of areas surrounding the schools, were tasks undertaken during the traditional maneuver of the Civil Defense developed on May 20 and 21.

The popular exercise of actions in disaster situations has been carried out in Cuba since 1886 and examines the preparation of the management and command bodies at all levels with the essential purpose of strengthening powers against earthquakes, high-intensity hurricanes, severe droughts and events of health origin, with emphasis on the preservation of the resources of the economy and the population.

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