Florida population is called to take extreme hygienic-sanitary measures to avoid diseases

Florida, May 19.- With the purpose of developing the Disaster Risk Reduction Week in Florida, until this Friday, May 19, the Directorate of the Municipal Organ of Civil Defense calls on the population to comply with hygienic-sanitary measures for the sake of to prevent from their homes the possible consequences of natural phenomena.

The Call to Florida families is to increase the cleaning of patios, pits and gutters, in order to prevent the proliferation of the Aedes Aegyptis mosquito and acute diarrheal diseases common in this period of intense rains.

During this week and as part of the preparation of the management bodies in the territory, it is also established that the people know how to face possible affectations from their homes in the event of a hydrometeorological phenomenon.

Taking into account that the rains cause complex situations related to the proliferation of diseases, the Floridian population is recommended not to dump solid waste into canals and ditches that can obstruct the drainage of sewage and those generated by rainfall.

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