Photojournalist Sergio Canales Selpa is evoked in Florida

Evocan en Florida al fotorreportero Sergio Canales Selpa

Florida, May 15.- A tribute was paid to Sergio Canales Selpa at the Center for Pedagogical Documentation and Information (CDIP) of the municipality of Florida, on the 85th anniversary of his birth on May 12.

In the evocation that the municipal CDIP organizes each year regarding the date, the exceptional qualities of the Florida photojournalist, who worked as a war correspondent and chronicler of revolutionary exploits, were highlighted.

Caridad Gálvez Castro, Information Specialist, explained to the public present at the activity that the history of military photography in Cuba would not have been possible without Sergio Canales, who knew how to capture transcendental moments with his camera in the national context and in other countries where he had a committed and internationalist action.

Those who attended the talk were able to appreciate emblematic snapshots of Canales Selpa taken at the time the National Revolutionary Militias were founded, during the fight against bandits in the Escambray mountains, with photos that reflect the participation of women in the tasks of the defense and combat at Playa Girón, the Literacy Campaign, the heroism of the Vietnamese people in the face of the genocidal barbarism of Yankee imperialism and the war in Angola.

Regarding Sergio Canales Selpa, the Army General, Raúl Castro Ruz, expressed that he «has known how to collect the history of the Cuban Revolution and its Armed Forces.»

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