Florida first place in the Provincial Contest Let the land flourish

Florida, May 10.- Florida won first place in the Let the Earth Bloom Provincial Contest, a contest aimed at students of special and primary education levels convened by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) and the Casa de Ignacio Agramonte Culture, institution where the award ceremony was held.

Through the works in the modalities of story, poetry, drawing and didactic games, the students influenced the family, the school and the society for a greater awareness about the importance of care and protection of the Environment.

The works also reflected the importance of planting and producing food in a sustainable way and protecting people’s right to healthy and adequate food, a strategic theme in the Law on Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Education.

As reported by the Master in Education Sciences, Eleodoro Carvajal García, of the 28 works presented by Florida to the «Let the Earth Bloom» contest, 12 were awarded, and the José Luis Tassende de las Muñecas special school was chosen as the most outstanding at the provincial meeting

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