The municipal assembly of the FEEM concludes this Tuesday in Florida (+Post)

Concluye este martes en Florida la asamblea municipal de la FEEM

Florida, May 9.- Students from the High School Student Federation (FEEM) shared moments of healthy cultural and recreational recreation with the minors of the home without family protection, an action contemplated in the program of activities that takes place in greeting to the Assembly Municipal of the organization that concludes this May 9 at the Luis Casas Romero House of Culture.

With the presence of leaders of the Union of Young Communists and the José Martí Pioneers Organization of the territory and the Master in Education Sciences Arián García Rodríguez, deputy director of the municipal management of the sector, the minors of the home enjoyed an interesting proposal of visitors that included passive games, participation contests, music, dance and pleasant talks.

On behalf of the workers and minors, Santiago Cedré, director of the institution, thanked the FEEM for their gesture and urged them to develop an exemplary assembly, according to the situation in the country.

In previous days, the delegates to the municipal assembly of the FEEM participated in voluntary work, special morning meetings, conversations, meetings with the community and were present at the parade on May 5 in greeting to International Workers’ Day.

On Monday the previous workshops were held in the assembly, a time to grow and multiply in the work of the FEEM, contribute ideas, unite wills and create spaces where they can recognize each other and participate actively, and this Tuesday in plenary session they will approve the work projections , the new municipal executive and the delegates to the provincial appointment.

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