Argentine Popular Council hosted a space for debate, Sharing with the people

Consejo Popular Argentina acogió espacio de debate, Compartiendo con el pueblo

Florida, Apr 24.- In the Argentine popular council, of the Florida municipality, the space for debate, analysis and search for solutions, Sharing with the people, was developed this Wednesday, designed to promote direct exchange with the highest authorities of the territory, present there together with directors of entities and organizations with the greatest impact on daily life, in order to find alternatives to each approach.

Based on the diagnosis made by Reynaldo León Molina, president of the aforementioned demarcation, it was learned that among the approaches formulated by the residents, the one related to the repair of the streets is still pending.

In this regard, Liliana Boudet Nápoles, first secretary of the Party in the territory, suggested carrying out a strategic program that from the base favors the solution to the problem, and although it will not be in the short term, due to the difficult situation that is going through, it will have the attention necessary.

The partisan leader made an assessment of the complex scenario that the country is going through with the fuel issue and urged to save resources as much as possible, to work on all fronts and provide solutions to the problems that most afflict the population.

Other of the approaches referred to in the report of the president of this Popular Council referred to public lighting, the arrangement of the pavilions, the warehouses and the neighborhood road that goes from the Polytechnic to the Ortigal community.

The complex situation of the water supply was among the main concerns expressed by the members of the Community Work Group, as well as roads and sewerage.

Sharing with the people is an expression of the legacy of Fidel, who was always willing to listen to the concerns of others and consolidate the link with the base, banish bureaucracy and be faster in responding to complaints, concerns, procedures and everything that impacts the population.

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