Cuban sport demands the application of Science and Innovation

El deporte cubano demanda aplicación de la Ciencia y la Innovación

Florida, Apr.- The application of science in sports has been an essential requirement for years to compete and achieve favorable results at the highest sporting level, something that Cubans always expect from our athletes and teams in the international arena.

Implementing the most modern training methods, studying rivals carefully and designing game or combat strategies based on this diagnosis and characteristics of each athlete or team, is essential in these times to gain access to the award podium in any competition. international.

As Cubans we know the multiple technological and resource deficiencies that today complicate the work of coaches and limit the development of practices in sports areas and facilities on a daily basis.

These limitations weigh heavily, and as far as possible they should not be neglected, as actions are also required in the Cuban sports system in view of the need to strengthen the technical and tactical preparation of coaches, team directors, and athletes.

As demanded in the economy, sport also demands room for improvisation, and in this sense, the professional training of coaches must be developed more rigorously, demanding more and guaranteeing their constant improvement, so that they can take their knowledge to the facilities and spaces of training and better guide the sports preparation and the development of the physical and mental capacities of children and young talents.

Opportunities are demanded so that more Cuban coaches can be inserted in international clinics, courses or master’s degrees, but also the professional responsibility that requires each coach to improve themselves to update concepts about competition and incorporate new methods of training and sports preparation.

Teachers, technicians and coaches at all levels must feel the permanent need to gain knowledge to better prepare their disciples, and have the demand for methodologists and heads of sports activity in each team, municipality and high performance center, for the sake of to strengthen the training of athletes and guarantee that the Cuban athletic movement remains among the elite and that in collective disciplines our teams are more competitive.

There are good examples of coaches, especially those who find in the love of the profession the strength to overcome the lack of equipment and develop training and sports practices, aware of the benefits they are for physical and mental health.

Examples to follow are also coaches who are determined to seek information to be better teachers, those who develop attractive and rigorous practices to motivate and enhance the physical abilities of their athletes, who, in addition to polishing sports talents, watch over human behavior. and seek to train integral people, promoting values such as discipline and respect.

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