Living without smoking campaign is developed in Florida. This is life (+Post)

Florida, Mar 16.- Preventing tobacco use in children and adolescents is the purpose that unites Public Health and Education professionals in the Living without smoking campaign. This is life.

Scheduled to conclude on May 31, World No Tobacco Day, the campaign had one of the fundamental actions at the Camilo Cienfuegos elementary school with a pleasant talk about the bad habit of smoking, given by specialists in Health Promotion in the territory to students of the aforementioned school, and a contest to close the activity.

Under the auspices of the Pan American Health Organization and the country’s health institutions, these activities aim to promote knowledge about the risks associated with tobacco addiction and smoke consumption, and educational actions are planned for the family and the community with the leading role of the students.

According to Mabel Lastre Reina and Yanet Ramírez Hernández, specialists in Health Promotion in Florida, one of the novelties of this campaign is to work to ensure that girls, boys and adolescents become spokespersons for smoking prevention and help to avoid addiction in people close to them.

Motivating families, educators and establishing alliances with the mass media to articulate actions for the health of the youngest and against that addiction, is another of the priorities of the campaign in the educational sector of Florida.

As part of this crusade, activities will be carried out to update knowledge about smoking, which includes prevention in the family, school and institutional spheres, in order to create safe environments for the health of all and especially those who are in early ages.

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