Preventing and dealing with fires: strategic mission of the agrosugar sector

Florida, Mar 4.- Preventing and dealing with fires in sugarcane plantations and nearby places remains a strategic mission of the agrosugar sector in Florida, where it is necessary to redouble alert, surveillance and timely reporting measures against this phenomenon.

During the current harvest, there have been numerous events of indiscriminate burning of the grass in different units of the cooperative and peasant sector of the territory, affecting the sugar manufacturing process and irreversible losses for the economy of the producers and the country.

And it has been verified that most of the deflagrations that have occurred to date have the irresponsible actions of human beings as their triggering cause, so it is urgent to apply measures aimed at mitigating these phenomena that affect them so much.

Among the measures to be taken to avoid this impact are the control of the entry, transit and permanence of personnel from outside the sugarcane plantations to cut grass and bud without authorization, prohibit or limit the consumption of cigarettes in the sugarcane fields, review the technical condition of the machinery, obliging the use of spark arresters and prioritizing the execution of firebreak trails where there are greater risks of fire occurrence.

In the battle against this phenomenon, both in the sugar and agricultural sectors, must be added the effective mobilization of brigades for firefighting and constant training in fire control and reduction issues, together with the commitment and collective will to protect assets, resources and interests of the collective.

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