Florida continues to stagnate on almost all fronts of agri-food production

Florida, Mar 3.- The municipality received the evaluation of stagnation on most fronts of agri-food production, according to the analysis carried out here in compliance with the strategy for the socioeconomic, social and environmental development of the territory.

During the meeting headed by Federico Hernández Hernández, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and its first secretary in the province of Camagüey, an assessment was made of the plans, results and insufficiencies present in the orders of the agricultural, fishing, the food industry, agro-sugar, and Commerce and Gastronomy, all responsible for guaranteeing a considerable part of the food that Floridians demand today.

According to the political and governmental evaluation carried out with managers and representatives of the productive bases of the municipality, it is essential to multiply the planting of various crops and the delivery of milk and meat, together with the preparation of gastronomic offers and others that respond to the needs of the town, contribute to the decrease in prices and support local economic growth.

The Florida Dairy Base Business Unit was the only entity considered «in progress» by its Superior Body, based on the decrease in losses and the increase in the manufacture and sale of ice cream, yogurt, milkshakes and other proposals that, according to He also said, they must reach more consumers in an equitable and controlled manner.

At various times in the analysis of the progress of the Municipality’s Strategy for Economic, Social and Environmental Development, Federico Hernández highlighted Florida’s possibilities of growing in the food sphere, and for this reason he called for better support and care for farmers, facilitating procedures and credits, ensure the collection of their products, diversify their work and bring them closer to the systematic use of Science in livestock and land cultivation.

Summarizing this monthly balance, the highest political leader in the land of Agramonte pointed out that the food strategy has to be measured not only by the productive results but also by its impact on the population, convinced that there is only one alternative on the way towards the local development of Florida: Give everything for the victory.

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