National Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture Program is evaluated in Florida (+Audio)

Florida, Feb 24.- Representatives of the National Group for Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture arrived in the municipality of Florida on its 94th tour, with the aim of verifying on the ground the progress of the 28 subprograms included in that movement, especially the production of vegetables and vegetables.

The first of two days scheduled for the visit will have as its highlight the review of the technologies applied to obtaining food in the six organoponics covered by the Urban Farm of the territory.

According to the preliminary information, offered in the meeting with the political authorities and the government of the territory, among the interests of the National Group of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture stands out the urgent impulse of planting, harvesting, commercialization and consumption of vegetables and fresh seasonings.

The delegation that participates in the tour will also be present in the Florida Popular Councils, as part of the follow-up to the Plan for Food Sovereignty and Nutritional Education of the country and of all the people.

More details about the purpose of the National Urban Agriculture visit to the Florida municipality are offered by Engineer Isabel Victoria Pérez Odio, a member of that group, when interviewed by journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera.

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