Literary Sunday in Florida in the company of Ignacio Ramonet (+Posts)

Florida, Feb 20.- The delivery of the distinction of Illustrious Guest of Florida to the Spanish intellectual, sociologist and journalist Ignacio Ramonet, was the culmination of a day that began with the literary club Ventana a las Letras, led by the Floridian poets Rubén Failde Braña, Caridad de la Torre and Elena Obregón, both bearers of the Living Memory Award, granted by the Juan Marinello Cuban Institute for Cultural Research.

In a brief speech at that literary meeting, the author of One Hundred Hours with Fidel assured that his link with Cuba is based on the courage with which this Antillean republic has resisted for decades the inhumane, criminal and illegal blockade of the United States, and the demonstrations and in the fact that this Caribbean country is a beacon of dignity and an example for the other nations in the area.In dialogue with the members of the leadership of the municipal government and taking his vision of the left in Latin America as the common thread, Ramonet referred to COVID-19 and its consequences of human and economic suffering, the war in Ukraine, the consequences of which to all humanity, and the transition from neoliberal globalization to a new international order, like the three telluric movements that plague the world today.In this context, he said, left-wing governments are emerging on the continent, several of them in the nations with the highest economic development index, and they assured that Cuba can contribute a lot to the region, with the training of professionals and solidarity aid, as it does in the field of health in some 60 countries, to help achieve a new Latin America that is more integrated and better projected into the future.Ignacio Ramonet spoke with admiration about Fidel Castro and the friendship that united him with the Leader of the Cuban Revolution and other leaders of the region such as the Venezuelan Hugo Chávez, and made a very brief sketch of The Era of Conspiracy, a work that will be presented on stage from Camagüey at the Book Fair.

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