Florida candidates on tours of workplaces and neighborhoods (+Post)

Candidatos de Florida en recorridos por centros laborales y barrios

Florida, Feb 8.- Ainelis Herrera Molina and Roberto Carrazana Carballo, the Candidates for Deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) for the municipality of Florida, began this Tuesday a group of tours of different entities, production centers and communities in the territory with the aim of exchanging with workers, students and part of the population, prior to the elections on March 26.

Accompanied by the highest authorities of the territory, on their first day of contact with the voters, the young candidates were received at the Ignacio Agramonte sugar agro-industrial company, where they learned about the motivations and plans of the collective regarding the march of the harvest, the planting of cane and various crops and progress in the repairs of the refinery, with the aim of producing more than 30 thousand tons of white sugar in the current campaign.

The residents of the 24th constituency, combatants and members of the zonal nucleus of the Agramonte popular council, joined the welcome in that factory, who reiterated their willingness to go to the polls in the next general elections, as strong support for the Cuban democratic system and the socialism that sustains it.

The candidates for deputies for Florida learned about the enormous commitment to the Revolution and the productive debt of local farmers with food for the people in the meeting with managers and workers of the Municipal Delegation of Agriculture and the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).

The role of the Innovators and Rationalizers movement in solving problems related to the repair of locomotives, haulage vehicles and other railway transport in the 60th Anniversary Base Business Unit (UEB), aroused the interest of the two municipal candidates, who They were proud to talk there with the Labor Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Alberto Soler Omares, about productive challenges and successes and current labor demands.

The first stage of the route of the candidates for Deputies to the ANPP through the municipality of Florida, concluded in the UEB Derivados del Sorbitol, where they were informed in detail about the strategies and expectations of the local portfolio in the sphere of Foreign Trade, investment and foreign collaboration, pointing to items such as honey, charcoal and fructo oligosaccharide (FOS), among others.

Throughout the journey they were also accompanied by the members of the Candidacy Commission, representatives of the Mayor’s Office and heads of various work commissions of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power.

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