Florida demands greater efficiency, responsibility, effectiveness and control

Florida, Jan 31.- «The municipality of Florida faces the challenge of reversing in 2023 the insufficient results of the main productive economic indicators of the previous year, and must do so on the basis of greater efficiency, responsibility, effectiveness and control of the companies and other economic actors in charge of multiplying the volumes of goods and services for the people.

This was demanded by the members of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party during the sixth ordinary plenary session, chaired by its first secretary, José Antonio Ballate González, where the role and influence of grassroots organizations in the fulfillment of economic plans was analyzed. and the budget, and the confrontation with crime, social indiscipline, illegalities and corruption.

The 2022 period closed in Florida with a deficit in key aspects such as fundamental physical productions, mercantile circulation, net sales, revenue collection, home repair and maintenance, among other tasks, along with the growth in criminal acts in livestock and in other spheres of society.

Faced with this reality, the members of the main political body in the territory spoke out for reinforcing the mission of the base organizations of the Party on issues such as the analysis of the fundamental activity of each entity, the rendering of accounts on the performance of the cadres of direction, follow-up to the tasks and the objectivity of the debates and agreements that they adopt, with the purpose of promoting the groups towards the results that the country demands in the current calendar.

By the way, the directors of the four state companies located in the municipality, Agriculture, Commerce and Gastronomy and the two from the cane-sugar field offered details of their current projections, taking into account the weight of these sectors in the productive and economic results. of the territory and in meeting the needs of the population.

For his part, José Antonio Ballate, first secretary of the Party in Florida, meant that food production, diversification of state entities and linkage with the rest of the economic actors, control and saving of resources, support for stability energy, intolerance against crime and the battle against subversion are priorities at the current stage.

Speaking at the sixth plenary session of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party, Annia Batista García, an official of the provincial leadership, called for combating immobility in grassroots organizations and redoubling political demands to turn exceptions into the rule; dust off mechanisms and internal control actions, to avoid and prevent crime in all its manifestations.

Batista García also pondered the strategic importance of responding positively to the demands for the welfare of the people, when imperialism and its accomplices launch attacks of all kinds to destroy the human and social work of the Revolution and the confidence of Cubans in the potentialities of socialism.

Other details are offered by the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera in the following report.

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