The progress of agricultural programs in Florida is evaluated

Florida, Jan 14.- The Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and the representatives of the different entities in this sphere in the municipality of Florida analyzed the progress of various programs in the local agricultural field and specified inviolable elements of the Agrarian Policy to be fulfilled in 2023 .

The first topic of the meeting was the announcement of new measures for the recovery and ordering of the Rice Program, based on promoting the sowing of the cereal by the beneficiaries and entities that will receive resources, such as water and fuel, under the firm commitment to sell to the State a part of the production at agreed prices.

Michel Ballate Camejo, director of the Ruta Invasora provincial grain company, highlighted the possibilities of Florida to rise up and advance in the rice order, and nominated it as the fifth municipality in the country with the greatest productive potential of this food.

The review of the delivery and use of land and livestock control policies were added to the agenda of the analysis called by the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture, with guidelines to increase the inspection of beneficiary farms at the stage, check compliance production contracts, raise the control over livestock and reorganize the veterinary assistance service in the shortest possible time.

The accumulated delay in Florida in the planting campaign of various crops, scheduled to conclude in February, the low levels of contracting of root vegetables, grains, fruits and vegetables for social consumption, together with the brake on accounts payable and receivable in the Commercialization Unit of Collection of the territory, they constituted an alert for the authorities of Agriculture and the directors of the government in this municipality.

Summarizing the meeting, Leosdani Moredo Hurtado, a member of the Municipal Bureau of the Party, called on the managers and producers of the agricultural sector to work firmly to comply with the approved plans and measures, with the aim of guaranteeing food for the people, and reiterated the confidence in the contribution of farmers in the economic recovery of the municipality and the country.


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