Florida chooses its best athletes (+Post)

Florida, Dec 16.- The sprinter Yarima García Díaz and the wrestler Lázaro Daniel Hernández were selected in their respective sexes as the best athletes in the Florida municipality in 2022.

The 18-year-old runner, in addition to reigning in the Cuban Athletics Cup and in the National Championship of its youth category, had an outstanding participation in the World Cup for under 20s in Cali, Colombia, where she improved her personal bests by 100 and 200. meters flat, and slipped into the final of the double hectometre.

On the other hand, gladiator Lázaro Daniel Hernández, had the opportunity to represent Cuba in the Pan-American Wrestling Championship in Acapulco, Mexico, where he won the silver medal in his 86 kg division, which constitutes the most valuable individual prize in a Florida athlete this year.

In collective sports, the best were the soccer players Rachel Pelaéz in the female branch of the first category and the Sub 20 Aldair Álvarez in the male one.

Rookie of the year: soccer player Yasniel Alejandro García Fundora.

The list of the 10 best athletes in the territory is made up of shooter Guillermo Pías del Río, tennis player Adrián Pérez Niebla, wrestler Yoania Pérez, volleyball players Adrian Chirino and Henry Pelayo, hockey player Yunia Milanés, wrestler Ibrahim Torres, gymnast Danaylis León Joseph, and the footballer brothers Andri and Ángel Horta López.

Paralympic sport: Manuel del Rosario Pargas (badminton).

On this occasion, Basketball and Badminton were selected as the best collective and individual sports, respectively; and the recognition for the most outstanding team of the year went to the Florida Baseball team that achieved 3rd place by municipalities in the most recent edition of the Provincial Baseball Series for the 1st category.

In this selection of the best Florida athletes in 2022, the wrestler Yandri Poll Loyola and the taekwondoka Yumé del Rosario Cabrera are also recognized as the best youth athletes in the territory in their respective sexes; while the runners Victor Samuel Abreu and Emily Lawton were the most outstanding scholars.

The Directorate of the Municipal Sports Sector in Florida also made public on this day the recognition of professionals Yusimí Horta Molina, best physical education teacher, Lisbey Rodríguez, best community physical activity teacher, Yordan Vinagre, best in recreation, and the Badminton teacher Adrián Valiente, best coach in the territory in 2022.

The best referee is Fidel Basnueva Lemagne, of baseball, and Reinaldo de Armas Chaple, of soccer, ratified as the best sports activist in the municipality.

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