130 intermediate technicians and skilled workers graduate from Florida classrooms

Florida, Nov. 19.- The graduation of 130 students from the professional technical education level constitutes one of the main results of the Education sector in Florida at the end of this school year.

71 Middle Technicians and 59 Skilled Workers in various trades received their title of graduates in the municipality, who already have a job location to join different entities in the territory.

Accounting, Human Capital Management and several careers linked to the sugar and agricultural sectors, are included among the specialties studied by the students who completed their studies at the Manuel Rivero Gómez de Avellaneda and Sabino Pupo Milián polytechnics, and the School of Trades of the territory .

With this graduation ceremony, the training cycle of 130 young Floridians concludes, adding to the necessary qualified workforce needed by all sectors of the local economy, to encourage the production of goods and services, and meet the needs of the population in line with updating the Cuban economic model.

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