Sowing now, a first-order task for Floridian agro-sugar farmers

Florida, Oct 26.- Among the tasks to be fulfilled by the agro-sugar producers of the municipality of Florida, it is included to achieve a cane planting this year that guarantees the necessary seed to face the commitment to plant the grass in 2023.

To this end, the two companies in the sector based in the territory are looking for alternatives with the aim of promoting said purpose, one of the most peremptory in the implementation of the 93 government measures approved to save the Cuban sugar agribusiness.

In the case of the productive system of the Ignacio Agramonte company, it demands more than 400 hectares, while the areas of the central Argentina must exceed 150 in the current stage, if they want to reach the next spring campaign with availability of seeds to multiply the cane fields in the agricultural base.

Increasing the number of raw materials to support the production of sugar in the short and medium term, achieving the start-up of the mills of the Floridian power plants in the near future, and generating income for the agro-sugar family of the municipality, constitute , right now, tasks that require effort, commitment and dedication on the part of the directors and workers of that determining sphere of the local economy.

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