Cuba committed to defending the objectives of sustainable development

Cuba empeñada en la defensa de los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

Florida, Oct.- Cuba prioritizes, as an inescapable responsibility of the Communist Party, the State and the Government, the defense and implementation for its people of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations Organization (UN) to achieve them before 2030.

Zero hunger, health and wellness, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation; responsible production and consumption; reduction of inequalities; decent work and economic growth; affordable and clean energy; climate advocacy; peace, justice and solid institutions and alliances to achieve the objectives, are included among the purposes evaluated by the UN to protect the millions of human beings that inhabit the earth and the survival of the planet.

Undoubtedly, the Cuban path towards the fullness of such purposes could be shorter if there were no tremendous brakes such as the imperialist siege of the United States, which prevents, for example, the acquisition of resources to improve the availability and use of energy sources. renewable energy at affordable prices, or the purchase of food, machinery and agricultural inputs in that neighboring nation, which would significantly improve agricultural production and the supply of these products to the population.

Despite this reality, our nation, small by geography, poor and underdeveloped, exhibits gigantic achievements in cardinal objectives such as health and well-being for all, with a system of free, equal and quality medical care that ranges from community prevention to use of the highest technologies, means and vaccines when it comes to saving a life.

We highlight others such as access to employment, assistance to the most vulnerable and education implemented here 63 years ago in an inclusive and free manner, from preschool to university level, a right that millions see diminished or annulled, even in too rich countries.

However, there is still a need to improve the current results in issues related to sanitation, especially in cities where solid waste collection cycles are too long and floods due to poor drainage abound; it is also necessary to reinforce the solidity of the institutions so that they fulfill their roles more effectively, in addition to activating alliances, as a necessary pulley in the fulfillment of the objectives of sustainable development.

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